A little bit of Facebook fun

My friend Marie put these questions up on Facebook and I thought they’d make a good blog post. You never know, you might learn something new about me…

Three names I go by
1. Rachel
2. Rach
3. Mrs. Ingram!!

Three places I lived
1. Oxford – throughout my university years and for a year afterwards, until it became too unaffordable!
2. Lefkandi, Greece – for five weeks while I was on an archaeological dig between my first and second years of uni. We stayed in a little taverna-type place with no air con, right on the sea front. The temperature got up to 42 degrees during the day, so we had to get up and go to do our archaeological work at 6am while it was still a bit cooler.
3. Charlbury – I lived by myself in a little old toll house in a beautiful Cotswolds village that I miss very dearly. This time five years ago, I was literally snowed in, with the snow piled up against the door so that it wouldn’t open (it opened outwards).

Three places I have worked
1. Oxford University – I was a glorified receptionist at the Faculty of Music in my gap year. I met the composer Nigel Hess, who composed the score for “Ladies in Lavendar”.
2. Holiday Lettings – a travel company where I worked for a few years before, during and after my degree. It’s where I first discovered copywriting, but it wasn’t a happy time of my life.
3. For myself – I’ve been a freelance copywriter for over two years now. Self-employment is vastly preferable to working for someone else!

Three things I love to watch
1. First Dates. I’m an absolute sucker for this programme – I could watch it all day.
2. Pretty much any romantic comedy, especially if Hugh Grant is in it – are you getting the impression I’m an old romantic yet?
3. So that these answers aren’t all TV-based, I also love watching the puppies play when I’m at Guide Dogs.

Three places I have been
1. Japan – the main places I went to were Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. I loved Japan – it’s such a weird and wonderful country.
2. New Zealand – only the North Island though. I’d love to go back and explore the South Island. I have been to the set of Hobbiton from Lord of the Rings though!
3. Rome – about a dozen times. I can even find my way around without a map, which is a big deal for me.

Three things I love to eat
1. Sushi – especially salmon nigiri and salmon and avocado hand rolls.
2. Pizza – particularly topped with goats cheese and red onion.
3. Sunday roast – it’s got to be beef with loads of horseradish and Yorkshire puddings.

Three people I think will respond
1. Nobody
2. Absolutely no-one
3. But I’m not doing this on Facebook anyway!

Three favourite drinks
1. Prosecco
2. Red wine, especially Cotes du Rhone
3. Coffee – make mine a cappuccino!

Three things I am looking forward to
1. Visiting Iceland next year
2. Visiting my in-laws’ house in the south of France next year
3. Seeing the two Harry Potter plays in London next year

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