My Month of January – 2019 Edition

I began 2019 with a greater sense of optimism than I’ve felt for a long time. The start of a brand new year always seems to carry with it a feeling of hope and possibility, and I was so glad to put 2018 behind me that I threw myself straight into making plans to ensure 2019 is a much better year. I’ve already booked a couple of trips, and I’m going to be making sure both my passport and pilot’s licences get plenty of use!

Amidst a hectic month with work I had the most delightful few days in Prague with my lovely sister Helen. You can read about our adventures here, and I’ve still got to get round to writing up all the amazing things we ate on our food tour! I loved this photo that Helen took of me overlooking the city.

A couple of days after we got back I took Helen flying in the PA28, which was great fun. It was my first time flying a Piper Archer, a slightly more powerful version of the PA28 family than the Warrior I usually fly, but luckily it was much the same (just slightly faster!). Helen took this photo of me at the controls, which I love!

I also took my mum flying this month!

In helicopter news, I’ve been flying a brand new type of R44 this month. This shiny new Cadet is the latest addition at Heli Air and I’ve written more about it here.

I also went back to Buckland Manor with my old instructor Matt for some more off-airfield practice, in the Cadet rather than the R22 this time. There was a dusting of snow on the ground when we arrived for breakfast.

It was all melted by the time we left though! There really is nothing cooler than turning up somewhere in a helicopter.

I popped down to London for half a day earlier this month to go on a wonderful architecture-themed walk around Hampstead with the Idler Academy. It started and ended at this Insta-famous pub…

…and took us past lots of Hampstead’s most beautiful buildings. It was led by the writer Harry Mount, who was excellent.

I’ve also spent a few days down in Minehead in Somerset,┬áin the thatched cottage my parents often go on holiday to, where this was the view from my bathroom and bedroom windows.

I spent most of the time working by the log burner and I hardly left the house, but did stretch my legs a couple of times with some brief strolls around the local area.

Being indoors was not only warmer, but gave me the advantage of this darling dog’s company. Isn’t she so sweet?

Back home, I’ve managed the odd walk amidst mountains of work.

Charlbury is now awash with beautiful crocuses and snowdrops, suggesting that spring can’t be too far around the corner.

That said, there’s meant to be a load of snow falling overnight, so I think we’ve not seen the worst of winter yet! I have stocked up on crumpets and tins of soup just in case.

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