On spending Easter in Malaga

It turns out that Easter is quite a big thing in Malaga…!

36 hours in Venice, Italy

It’s a cliche, but Venice has to be seen to be believed.

24 hours in Frankfurt, Germany

We enjoy a short break to Frankfurt, featuring sausages, skyscrapers and a boat trip.

Adventures in Reykjavik

Things we saw and did in Reykjavik, the cute capital of Iceland.

Luxuriating in the Blue Lagoon

I spent the best part of my 30th birthday relaxing in one of the world’s most famous spas.

A little Icelandic saga

Iceland: snowy, cosy and good for the soul – the perfect place to spend my 30th birthday.

Rome part 2 – The Caelian Hill

Exploring a lesser-known part of Rome and looking round a Roman house.

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