Beautiful new artwork from Judith MacGregor

I’m still busily writing up my Caribbean posts (and a host of others!), but I couldn’t wait to tell you about my new website banner! I decided it was time to make my blog design look a bit more personal to me, so I commissioned the very talented artist Judith MacGregor to design a new one that would reflect some of the things I love. I know Jude through a mutual friend and I’d admired her work, so I couldn’t wait to see how she’d transform the look of my blog. I’m so thrilled with the beautiful design she’s created for me – it’s just so me! The whimsical balloon, the Robin, the fact that I’m wearing my red ball gown on the balloon and to fly the helicopter, the little owl perched on the Y, the row of colourful cottages… I just absolutely love it! I hope you do too – you can click on the image below and see how many delightful little details you can spot (there’s even a dalmatian!). And, of course, do check out Jude’s website if you’d like to find out more about her work, and especially take a look at the gorgeous prints she has for sale. I’ll be back with more posts soon!


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