Funny Business – Jimmy Carr’s new tour

I’m not generally a fan of stand-up comedy – I find it rather contrived – but I make an exception for three comedians. One is Milton Jones; another is Rhod Gilbert; and the other is Jimmy Carr. I bought tickets for Jimmy Carr’s new tour, Funny Business back in October to give to Lee for Christmas, and on Saturday the long-awaited night finally arrived.


I was very pleased indeed to find that there were no dire warm-up acts on before Jimmy, as there often are at such things. Instead, a big screen projected a series of Jimmy’s tamer jokes to get the audience warmed up and then Jimmy came on stage – looking dapper in a suit, as usual – to the tune of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. I had bought tickets for the Dudley show as it was the nearest in both time and place. Cue a fair number of jokes at the expense of the Dudley folk and their undeniably awful accent! But there was much more to the show than that. The first half was particularly good, with lots of clever wordplay and also some entertaining illustrations on the screen to accompany some of his jokes. The second half was quite crude in places, but there were some highly amusing exchanges with members of the audience, whom Jimmy invited to heckle him. As you can see, we were very close to the front. We were worried we’d get picked on, but we kept quiet and avoided eye contact!


Jimmy – a Cambridge man – was incredibly quick-witted and got the biggest laugh when he made a joke about taxpayers at his own expense (no pun intended) following the recent ‘scandal’ over his tax arrangements. He did the whole show from memory, which I thought was impressive as I’ve only ever been able to remember one joke and I tell it to everyone. I know you’re probably dying to hear it, so I’ll finish this post with it (I’m sure Jimmy would love it):

Why did the scarecrow win a Nobel prize?

For being outstanding in his field!

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