Red Storm: a new treat from the Snowdonia Cheese Company

I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to be able to write about cheese as part of my job, but during the course of my job as a freelance writer, I recently wrote a piece for an organisation called Flavour First. For my first article, I chose to write about the Snowdonia Cheese Company (you can read the piece here), whose delicious cheeses are absolutely bursting with flavour. Cheese is one of my absolute favourite foods, so the opportunity to write about it was a dream come true!

I discovered the Snowdonia Cheese Company by happy accident last year, perusing the smorgasbord of artisan produce on offer at Shobdon Food and Flying Festival at Shobdon Aerodrome, near the Welsh border. I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t the prospect of free samples that initially drew me to the company’s stand in the main food tent; after all, who could resist free cheese?


At that point, the Snowdonia Cheese Company was concentrating on producing amazing cheddars, my favourite being Pickle Power, a pickled onion variety. Now, however, they’ve branched out into the realms of Red Leicester with an exciting new offering called Red Storm. They very kindly sent me some to try, and it proved to be every bit as mouthwatering as their trademark cheddars.

The cheese arrives in a polystyrene box with little bags of ice to keep them cool.


Presented in a colourful wax truckle just like the cheddars, Red Storm is as attractive to look at as it is tasty.


It’s a creamy texture, but also has the fine crystals one associates with a nice extra mature cheddar. I found it to be perfect with a slice of toast, but we also enjoyed some post-Sunday roast with some friends.


It’s incredibly moreish, and the feedback from the friends with whom I’ve shared the cheese is the same. Everyone loves it, whether or not they’re cheese connoisseurs.


Order yours online from the Snowdonia Cheese Company!

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