My Month of April – 2018 Edition

Another hectic month has been and gone, with the chance to slow down for a bit still only a tiny pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel. The month kicked off with some Easter Sunday helicopter flying, during which I did another cross-country navigation flight to get some more solo hours under my belt.


Around the middle of the month I also did some solo circuits and in doing so managed to complete all the training required to get my helicopter licence. This means that all that now stands between me and my licence is some revision and my skills test (which I’m extremely nervous about, as even the official CAA guidance about the test somewhat unreassuringly describes it as “very demanding”!!). From other lovely helicopter flights this month we have this picture of Charlecote Park


…and this one of RAF Brize Norton.


The first of two trips this month was to Paris, where we were once again supporting our friends running the marathon (as we did this time last year). Though far from my favourite European city, it was a nice break and we packed a lot in, starting with a walk to the Moulin Rouge.


We found some other windmills as well – who knew they were there?!


We walked the elegant streets of Paris all day long.


We went on a night-time Champagne river cruise (more info in a separate post when I get the chance).


We had hot chocolate at Angelina and then went to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.





We pottered around beautiful Montmartre.







And of course we chased round the marathon route taking pictures of our friends at various intervals.


The second of the two trips was to Germany. We’d planned the trip to visit a big general aviation trade show, and serendipitously, I discovered that it was only 50 minutes from our hotel to the amazing Neuschwanstein Castle, which I’ve always wanted to visit. Again, I’ll write loads more about it in a separate post when I get the chance.


We stayed in Memmingen, not far from the airport we’d flown into with Ryanair. There wasn’t a lot going on there, but the main square was a nice place for an aperitif in the warm evening sunshine.



The aviation show, Aero Friedrichshafen at Friedrichshafen airport, was great fun: hall after hall of exhibitors with lots of interesting aircraft to look at. Of course, the highlight was the Helicopter Hall!


Friedrichshafen is the home of the zeppelin. I always think they’re quite sinister, don’t you?


After the show we drove into Friedrichshafen city centre and had a walk and drink along the lakeside with distant alpine views. Once again, I’ll put more pictures in a post of their own (can you tell I’m very behind with blogging?).


We returned to find the UK in the midst of a heatwave, and stepping off the plane in the glorious sunshine was more like arriving in Italy. Being British, the first thing we did when we got home was, of course, light the barbecue.

Last week we treated ourselves to dinner at my favourite Cotswolds pub, the Ebrington Arms.


I’d asked them to put macaroni cheese on the menu and I was amazed when they actually did! And not just any old macaroni cheese: this delectable and artistically arranged creation featuring homemade mushroom ketchup, truffle and the first of the season’s asparagus (appropriately enough, the day we went was actually St George’s Day, officially the start of the asparagus season). I loved it so much that I really want to go back soon and have it again!




Back home, we have beautiful bluebells, and the clematis is just coming out.




The wisteria isn’t far behind, and the birds are busily making nests. With no more overseas trips for a few months now (not that I currently have planned, anyway!), I’m looking forward to spending plenty of time at home as the weather starts to warm up again.

PS – this is my 300th post!

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