My Month of January – 2018 edition

We started 2018 as we meant to go on with a nice New Year’s Day lunch at our favourite Cotswolds pub, the Ebrington Arms, where you can always be sure of excellent food and a charming selection of local dogs.



I took this pic in the church after lunch.


I didn’t think it was worth going back to work between New Year and the start of our Caribbean cruise, so I had a few days of pottering and reading (I’ll write up my latest reading list soon). One day I treated myself to lunch at Huffkins when I was in Stratford for a pre-holiday haircut. I had the classic Welsh rarebit, which is to die for.


Of course the main event of January was a wonderful week in the Caribbean on board Britannia. It was so much better than I was expecting, and we’ve already booked again for January 2019. I still have posts to write up about Tobago, St Vincent and St Lucia!


I had an overnight stint of dog-sitting for my parents in Wiltshire not long after we got back. It was great to spend some quality time with this absolute little sweetie.


Isn’t she the cutest?



After we got back from the Caribbean I barely left the house for nearly a week, so I was glad to get out and about for a drive in the Cotswolds. I went to Winchcombe, where I took lots of photos and visited a rather disappointing pub. I’ll put some more photos in their own post soon.


We had a rainy day in Worcester to see my grandparents. We had lunch at the new ASK Italian and went to the cinema to see Star Wars (the former excellent, the latter disappointing).


I’ve had a few more helicopter lessons this month, and have at last finished all my ground exams. I’ve also been working on tricky limited power take-offs/landings, vertical take-offs and more practice forced landings.


The next two pics are courtesy of one of the Wellesbourne spotters, Gavin.


I don’t know why Matthew and I always look so serious/bored when flying!!


I got this shot of Charlecote Park in the circuit.


I didn’t do any fixed wing flying in January, with the Robin away for maintenance, but I did visit Wilhelm tucked up in the big hangar.


We’ve started doing some house-hunting this week, which has meant a few trips to lovely Charlbury. I lived there for a few years before I met Lee, and I have my heart set on moving back now that our flying school is based so close to there. We love our current house though, and wish we could just move it brick by brick to Charlbury!


The Bull Inn is the perfect place to rest between house viewings…


I noticed that a few houses in Charlbury are sporting jaunty EU bunting! I absolutely love Charlbury – it could’ve been made for me.


I’ll end this post on an optimistic note with these spring bulbs, which I spotted popping up in the graveyard in Charlbury. Spring is just around the corner… sort of!


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