A Sunday afternoon stroll in Blockley

Once again I’m incredibly behind on blogging, and my drafts folder is chock full of posts containing photographs but no writing. Life’s taken over recently, so I’m just grabbing the odd moment here and there to work my way slowly through the backlog. First up is an afternoon in the Cotswolds from last month.

I could very easily live in the Cotswolds village of Blockley, and in fact, very nearly did. A couple of years ago we had an offer accepted on a house there, but for one reason or another ultimately decided it wasn’t the right house for us. It was a shame, because the village itself is my idea of perfect. And on a rare Sunday off the other week, it was the ideal choice for a post-Sunday-roast-at-the-Ebrington-Arms stroll.


At the heart of the village is the green, where the russet hues of the trees gave the place an autumnal atmosphere despite the unseasonably warm weather brought on by the remains of Hurricane Ophelia.


The church of St Peter and St Paul – and this part of Blockley in general – may be familiar to fans of the TV series Father Brown, which was (is?) filmed here. I mentally cursed that car for ruining my picture, though it’s not as bad as Bibury’s infamous yellow car! I should like to live in that house though, and I just love the twin bow windows.


Isn’t this delightful? It’s in the church porch on the left-hand side as you go in.


I love the glimpses of hillside views that you get all round Blockley. This would be a tranquil final resting place, and quiet neighbours for the residents of those cottages!


I adore hilly towns and villages (Haworth in Yorkshire being another classic), both for the views they afford of the surrounding landscape and rooftops, and because they seem so much more interesting than flat ones. That, and the fact that a stroll around the village feels like proper exercise.


All the way up this hill were glimpses, between the cosy-looking houses, of the rolling Cotswold hills.



I couldn’t believe we were out and about in late October without coats!


This is the High Street, which, like several of the streets in Blockley, is split into two levels.


I made a mental note to return in spring when there’s sure to be some good displays of wisteria about!


I don’t think I could ever get enough of exploring the Cotswolds. Each time I think I’ve found my favourite village, I discover another that’s even better! Where should I go next, I wonder?

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