A few pictures from the Cotswolds

Work has become totally manic recently – even more so than it was before – so on my rare days off I really relish the opportunity to do not much. If I am in the countryside to do not much, so much the better. Last weekend was unusual in that we had two days off in a row, which almost never happens now; it was my friends’ wedding on the Saturday, and we’d booked the Sunday off in our diary so that we had time to recover in the event of a hangover. Thankfully no hangover materialised, as we hardly drank anything at the wedding, so we were free to enjoy a sunny Sunday together without the blight of throbbing heads. We chose to spend the day in the Cotswolds, and our first mission was to find somewhere to have Sunday roast. We went to three different pubs before finding a good one; one only had roast chicken or lamb (we would settle for nothing but beef), while another had no atmosphere. Finally we arrived in the beautiful little village of Snowshill, pictured below.


We started with roast beef and Yorkshires at the Snowshill Arms, which was lovely and old-fashioned.


From our table in the window, we could see a group of horses ‘parked up’ while their riders had lunch in the pub, which looked an idyllic way to spend a Sunday and made me really miss my riding days.


After lunch we walked off our meals with a stroll around Snowshill village. I was absolutely bowled over by it. It’s the most perfect little village, and exactly the kind of place I’d love to live one day. I’ve already checked Rightmove and there’s only one house for sale there at the moment, and it costs £880,000! Bit beyond our budget right now…





From Snowshill village it was a short drive up to the Cotswold Lavender farm, which I’ve seen featured on my Instagram feed a lot recently, and which a friend had also recommended. It was stunning!



As you can see in this shot, there were many different varieties of lavender, in many different shades of purple.


The smell of lavender filled the air, particularly aromatic with each gust of wind.



After that we went to Broadway Tower, as it was close by. The weather was rather nicer than the last time we went!


The perspective with Lee in front makes the tower look quite small in this shot!


A quintessentially English scene of dry stone walls and sheep to finish up with. I can’t imagine a finer view!


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