Taking to the skies over Christmas

We managed to get airborne a few times over the Christmas holidays, in spite of the best efforts of the weather to put a stop to our plans. It succeeded in cancelling our traditional Boxing Day flight, but brightened up between Christmas and New Year enough for us to make a couple of flights in Wilhelm and the Robin.

I hadn’t flown Wilhelm since August; the wedding got in the way, and I’d been so busy with work that I’d only managed the occasional flight with Lee in the Dimona or Robin. I was pleased to find that it’s like riding a bicycle – once you’ve learned, you don’t forget. It all came back to me and it was lovely to get airborne over Stratford-upon-Avon. In this photo, see if you can spot the spire of the church where Shakespeare is buried, and the tower of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.


Here’s me at the controls, with my concentration face on!


We flew out to the west and over Pershore. The long High Street was illuminated by the sun, as was the green roof of the Abbey.


From there we flew towards Tewkesbury. As you can see, the River Severn had burst its banks and was somewhat wider than normal.

River Severn flooded

On the way home we spotted some brilliantly well-defined ridge and furrow. There’s loads of it round here, and I’m always excited by it. It just seems so amazing and improbable that these ridges were left behind by Medieval farmers. Each family would have farmed their own ridge. It’s remarkable how history gets so enduringly etched into the landscape like this.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 08.56.11

Also over the holidays I had another flight in the Robin, which I’m enjoying getting to grips with flying. It’s a lot more powerful than Wilhelm, and quite different to fly. It’s easier to fly in many respects, but everything happens more quickly, so you have less thinking time. It’s an enjoyable challenge!


I just love the shape of the Robin’s wings – I think they’re so elegant! I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings in the way of flying. Hopefully we’ll manage to get across to the Isle of Wight and Le Touquet again this year, as well as some new places!

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