Three architectural gems seen from the air

I’ve been working solidly since we returned from Germany, and my brain is starting to get seriously frazzled. After a morning working this morning and the sun blazing down outside, I could write no more. Lee was at the airfield doing various things with Wilhelm (our plane) so I went over and we took Wilhelm flying. I wanted to share with you these three beautiful photos Lee took while I manned the controls.

First we went to Worcester, as it’s my Nan’s birthday, and we did a little fly-past for the gathered guests. Seconds away by air is the stunning Cathedral, and I love this shot with the backdrop of the river and cricket ground. Quite a contrast to the last time we flew to Worcester!


After that we landed at our old airfield for a bit. On our way home from there we flew past Upton House, where we went to an art exhibition launch only a week ago.


Finally, on base leg we got this lovely view of Charlecote Park (well, Lee did – I was too busy concentrating on my circuit!):


The other thing that happened this afternoon was that we bumped into Lee’s old aerial photography colleagues in the Cessna he used to fly, and they took some air-to-air photos of us in Wilhelm! These will doubtless be making an appearance on this blog soon…

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