Hot dogs and bubbles at Bubbledogs

Hot dogs and Champagne: not a combination you’d instantly have thought would work, but that’s the sole offering at Bubbledogs, a cool little restaurant on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia, London. It was such an unusual proposition that we just had to try it on our recent trip to London. The outside of the restaurant is so understated that we almost walked straight past it, as indeed we probably would have done had we not specifically aiming for it.


Once inside, exposed brick, industrial piping and school science lab chairs put the decor right on trend, complete with trendy lighting. It’s not a big place, but we arrived towards the end of the lunchtime service and managed to get a table without a problem.


Of course, I had to have the Champagne – that’s the whole point of the concept, right? – while Lee went for a beer.


It took quite some time to read through the many mouthwatering hot dogs on the menu, and there’s a choice of pork, beef or veggie sausages.


In the end I settled for the ‘Mac Daddy’, featuring macaroni cheese, crispy onion and bacon bits. It was delicious, albeit quite a challenge to eat, as it was too big and messy to pick up and the only cutlery on offer was plastic! The Champagne certainly washed it down a treat.


Lee chose the Breakie 8, loaded with a fried egg, tomato relish and crispy bacon (he opted not to have black pudding included).


When the bill arrived we were pleasantly surprised to find that my lunch came under the £10 lunch deal (a hot dog and a glass of fizz). Lee’s didn’t because he had beer instead of Champagne, so his actually worked out more expensive than mine – something we’ll bear in mind if we visit again. Overall we really enjoyed our visit, and as an added bonus we were pleased that there was an actual dog wandering around the restaurant (I think I heard someone address it as “Noodle” – cute!). More restaurants should be dog-friendly, but I guess if your name is Bubbledogs you kind of have to be. :)

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