A Cosy Christmas at Coughton Court

Coughton Court is one of several very beautiful National Trust houses we’re privileged to have virtually on our doorstep. Having explored it properly earlier this year, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to pay another visit, this time to its Winter Festival to see this gorgeous house decked out for the festive season. We chose a cold, grey afternoon with exactly a month to go until Christmas, and it certainly put us in the mood for the approaching celebrations.

The view as you go down the drive is splendid, and with those unusual clouds adding to the interest, I made Lee stop the car so I could get a photo.


Many of the exterior doors were decorated with lovely wreaths. They look especially good on old doors, like this one!


There was one on the main entrance to the house, too. As you can see, I wore my red coat for the occasion and felt very festive!


Most of the rooms had impressive Christmas trees in them. It must have been such fun to celebrate Christmas in a house like this.




The weather outside was bordering on frightful…


…but the firesides were delightful! We spotted a little something left out for Father Christmas and Rudolf by the fire in one of the bedrooms. In a house full of big fireplaces, it’s pretty easy to imagine that Father Christmas could really have come down the chimney.


The saloon, the best room in the house, was particularly splendid, with a roaring fire and an enormous tree. We had the room almost to ourselves, and it was easy to imagine what it would have been like on Christmas morning, unwrapping presents by the fire.


Doesn’t this look like a scene from a Christmas card?


Near the back door I spotted a hamper from Fortnum’s alongside this cute little dog basket (complete with Christmas cracker toy!).


This very cosy little room had not one but two Christmas trees. But for the slightly menacing-looking teddy, this would be the perfect cosy Christmas scene!


I loved this old-fashioned wrapping paper. I’m looking forward to wrapping the mountain of presents I’ve already bought this year – I always listen to my Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby Christmas CD while I’m doing my wrapping!



On the way out we saw this beautiful avenue of autumnal trees. On a grey day the photo didn’t look particularly impressive, but after jazzing it up on Instagram it looks amazing!


We had time for a lovely warming glass of mulled wine by yet another gorgeous tree, this time in the restaurant.


A final view of Coughton Court on the way out. This is the only week of winter that it’s open, so this will be our last visit until next year. If you’re thinking of going to the Winter Festival, you might like to go at the weekend, when there will be a Christmas market adding to the festivities. You’ll also find other yuletide entertainment, including carol singers. The perfect start to the Christmas season!


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