Instagram Magnets from Sticky9

As a big Instagram fan and someone who frequently looks through her old Instagram pics, I was excited to see a friend posting on Facebook about a company that turns your Instagram photos into little fridge magnets. The company in question is Sticky9 and they make it dead easy to turn your Instagram photos into fridge art. I’m really pleased with my magnets, which gave me some nice non-bill post:

photo 4(9)

All you do is go to the Instagram page on their site, give the site permission to connect with your Instagram account and then choose the photos you want. You get nine magnets, or you can use one photo to make a kind of jigsaw. I went for the nine. They have a nice matt finish and come stuck together.

photo 1(17)

They arrived within a couple of days in a cardboard envelope easily big enough to fit through the letterbox. Here’s a pic of me holding the magnets so you get an idea of how big they are. They’re quite thin, so they won’t hold up much more than a light piece of paper on the fridge, but they’re mainly decorative so that doesn’t matter!

photo 5(7)

Finally, here they are in situ:


If you’d like to get your hands on some of these lovely magnets, use the discount code FRIENDUX81 to get 15% off! Visit Sticky9 to get yours.

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