It’s a cake – in a mug!

Last night was one of those nights where a yogurt just doesn’t feel enough for dessert, so in the absence of anything else dessert-worthy in the house, I decided to give my Cake in a Mug a try. This is why it’s always good to have a well-stocked cupboard of baking ingredients!

This is quite clever, because it has level markings on the inside for you to measure out the dry ingredients, and then all you do is mix in the wet ingredients and bung it in the microwave for three minutes. So it’s pretty much the quickest and easiest cake ever! There are a few things on the market like this, but this one is for a chocolate cake and it came from Lakeland.

photo 2(25)

The instructions are helpfully set out on the side of the mug, so you don’t even need a recipe book. Please excuse the terrible photos in the rest of this post – they were taken at night without enough light.

photo 3(17)

You start by measuring out flour, sugar and cocoa powder up to the lines marked on the inside of the mug. It’s a little tricky to get the right amount because obviously dry ingredients kind of stack up in a mound, so you have to keep shaking the mug level to check where you are in relation to the line. I think I may have put a bit too much in, as you can’t actually see the markers anymore in this shot!

photo 5(9)

Then you add a beaten egg, nine teaspoons of milk and nine teaspoons of olive oil and mix them in. Then you push a square or two of chocolate into the middle.

photo 1(24)

Then it goes into the microwave on full power for three minutes. Like I said, I think I put too much of the dry ingredients in… it looks likes the Leaning Tower of Pisa!! Still, it tasted good and definitely satisfied the dessert cravings.

photo 2(24)


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