Things seen on an evening flight

I woke up yesterday morning feeling rather down and disgruntled with the world, a feeling that lasted much of the day despite the fact that I spent the morning cuddling puppies at Guide Dogs. I was reminded later in the day of just how much flying can transform one’s mood. Flying gives me a similar ‘good feeling’ to how I feel when I’ve had a cup of coffee or eaten chocolate, only better. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can leave your worries on the ground and concentrate on nothing but the task of flying the plane – and admiring the view, of course. It quite literally lifts you out of your bad mood and gives you a different perspective.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted some aerial photos, so I thought you might enjoy these photos I took on our evening flight yesterday. The first interesting thing we saw after getting airborne was this impressive crop circle near Alcester. I’m not one of those people who believes these things are the work of aliens, but I do admire how beautifully formed they are. It must be difficult to achieve such a perfect circle, and presumably under the cover of darkness.


From there we flew north to Birmingham, crossing the M40/M42.


Lee spoke to Birmingham Radar to get us permission to go over the city centre (which is in the Birmingham Airport zone). You’re not allowed to fly over central London in a single engined aircraft, so flying over the country’s second biggest city is the next best thing.


I’ll bet you didn’t realise how much green there is in Birmingham! We were constantly on the lookout for landing areas in case we had an engine failure. They were few and far between in Birmingham’s urban sprawl, but we reckoned we’d probably just about make it onto that golf course.


Edgbaston Stadium, the setting for England’s victory in the Ashes series earlier that day.


Spot Selfridges.


From the urban sprawl to a rather more rural scene to finish. The harvest is in full swing, and I was delighted by the pattern made by this combine harvester. It’s just how I cut the grass on the ride-on lawn mower at the airfield – but much neater!


A summer evening is a wonderful time to fly, as the sky is calm and the light is glorious. A lovely flight was rounded off by one of the best landings I’ve done in a while, which really did turn my frown upside down!

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