A scent of Heaven from Pintail Candles

As someone who is unable to survive gloomy English weather without cheerful candles to brighten up the house, I was delighted to be approached by LoveRoobarb with the opportunity to review a collection of candles they stock in their lovely online gift shop. The candles are made by Pintail, a candle-maker based in the Lake District that has been making gorgeously scented, hand-poured candles for over two decades.

At just £4.25 each, these candles are a real bargain. Each candle comes in its own pretty pink organza bag, making it perfect to give as a gift.


Each candle tin has a lid that you need to lever off with a spoon handle or similar. As you can see, I got to try out four beautiful floral fragrances: bluebell, white iris, lotus blossom and sweet pea.


Each tin has its own pattern and colours, so they look really good, brightening up our mantelpiece even when they’re not lit.


They stack really nicely too!


The best thing about these candles, though, is something I can’t show you in a photograph: they smell absolutely divine. I say this having had a heavy cold for the first week I had them. Despite the resulting diminishing of my normally-acute sense of smell, I could still very much savour the heavenly scent of sweet pea, white iris, bluebells and lotus blossom.


Floral candle scents have always been my absolute favourite, and I’ve loved the fact that these candles have such a rich scent that, even when not lit, they fill the house with their fresh, clean smell. Sweet Pea beat tough competition to become my favourite of the four.


I kept two of the candles on the dining table to help get rid of food smells, which they were effective at doing even after a steak dinner.


I also put one of them on my bedside table so that the scent of lotus blossom would waft over me as I went to sleep each night, even when the candle isn’t lit.


The tins are really nice, so could easily be reused for making more candles once these ones have burnt out. They burn for about 14 hours in total, but I’ve not got to the end of any of them yet because I want to make their beautiful smell last as long as possible!

If you want to get your hands on some and make your home smell as lovely as ours does right now, visit http://www.LoveRoobarb.co.uk and order yours.

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