365 Days of Happy – Month 12

Well, I’ve finally turned 30! And I did it in style with an amazing short break to Iceland, which I’ll write about very soon. This also means that I’ve made it to the end of this photo challenge and my 30 Before 30 challenge. I’ll do a round-up post of the 30 Before 30, but in the meantime, here’s the final month of my ‘365 Days of Happy’.

Day 339

Leamington Spa in the midst of “Storm Imogen”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 17.32.33

Day 340

We have sheep! These little woolly friends have been moved up to next to our club house, and they’re photographed here looking pretty gleeful at having a load of fresh new grass to munch on.


Day 341

I enjoyed gathering together some treasured things for my post on my life in 8 objects.


Day 342

An absolutely fab flight in the Robin to start the day.


Day 343

I bought some of these wonderful chocolates for my Grandad for his birthday, and I couldn’t resist treating myself to some as well, mainly on account of the tin.


Day 344

A tragic day – we said goodbye to our delightful dog Fern. So this wasn’t a day for 365 Days of Happy, but a day for remembering the joy she brought to our lives. Rest in Peace little Fern. :-(


Day 345

We had a lovely Valentine’s Dine In Deal from M&S, as is our tradition. I loved the Japanese design on the cork top from the Cava!


Day 346

My new wellies arrived from Joules. They are very pretty.


Day 347

I went for a quick walk to the shops to clear my unproductive head. I liked the sight of these yellow catkins against the blue sky.


Day 348

Having been working too hard, I reached the point where I could write no more, so I took a break to do some meal planning.


Day 349

The perfect way to start the morning.


Day 350

Overhead Chipping Campden at about 3,500ft in the Robin.


Day 351

I really loved the sheep being there – I could watch them all day! (Sadly they have now chomped their way through all that grass and have been moved somewhere else!)


Day 352

I got all my copywriting work for the day finished early, so I gave my brain a bit of a rest by watching Lee do some aircraft maintenance.


Day 353

The sun setting on a momentous day – the day we finally, after literally MONTHS, got our official mortgage offer!


Day 354

The tentative early signs of spring. Daffodils are always a cheery sight at this time of year.


Day 355

My first solo in the Robin!


Day 356

I worked from 8am to 7pm, and didn’t leave the house or even have a break, so I cheated a bit by posting a pic from the previous day to avoid another photo of my dinner!


Day 357

The garden still looks a bit wintry thanks to these red berries.


Day 358

A little red-brick corner of Nottingham – the first time I’d been.


Day 359

Liquid Fudge from the Fudge Kitchen. Sublime!


Day 360

A lovely little flight over to Wellesbourne to refuel the Robin.


Day 361

Rubbish pic, but these two ducks have taken up residence at the airfield and I can’t stop watching them! There were three couples, but now there’s just these two. I love watching them waddling around and nestling in the grass!


Day 362

We got battered by “Storm Jake”. It was so windy that I could hardly even stand up for long enough to take this photo!


Day 363

My last flight as a 20-something pilot!


Day 364

A cute cuddly puppy at Guide Dogs.


Day 365

I ended my year of photos as I began it: celebrating my birthday with my family. This was a couple of days before my birthday (the 365 days effectively ended early because of the Leap Year), but it was the perfect way to end the challenge. And that’s more than enough challenges for the time being I think!


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