365 Days of Happy – Month 10

Another month has flown by, and I had half of it as my Christmas holiday. It was so nice to have a decent amount of time off to recharge my batteries! I can’t believe I have just two months left of being in my 20s. Here are my photos from this month’s 365 Days of Happy challenge.

Day 277

A beautiful rainbow at the airfield – the most impressive I’ve seen for ages!


Day 277 – part 2

We went into Warwick for a free meal courtesy of our Tesco Clubcard points, and parked near a friend’s house. Just as we were walking past his house he was coming out, so he invited us in for mulled wine. A serendipitous evening!


Day 278

We flew to Gloucestershire Airport in the Robin. Our friend Jonny joined us in Wilhelm and we had lunch in the cafe there.


Day 279

It was the Christmas party for Guide Dogs volunteers – a good chance to catch up with my friends from there!


Day 280

We had a lovely evening watching The Nutcracker at the Royal Hippodrome in Birmingham. It was my first ballet and it was great to see Jonny conducting it (it was he who got us free tickets)!


Day 281

Dinner in Cirencester with parents and in-laws.


Day 282

A boring pic, but petrol below the pound! How exciting!


Day 283

After-work baking – delicious banana bread.


Day 284

The view from Tamworth Castle.


Day 285

A beautiful and unseasonably warm day.


Day 286

Shakespeare’s Birthplace Christmas Light Show 2015.


Day 287

We attended a murder mystery evening at Ettington Park Hotel, where we got married.

Christmas at Ettington

Day 288

We found the most Christmassy house in the neighbourhood!


Day 289

Meeting our friend Nigel’s gorgeous new kittens.


Day 290

Work officially over for 2015 and a glass of red as a reward!


Day 291

Visiting Charlecote Park to see it decked out for a Victorian Christmas.


Day 292

Relaxing at the spa – my Christmas present to myself.


Day 293

Christmas Eve dog walk, in beautiful light.


Day 294

Christmas Day!


Day 295

A lovely surprise greeted me when we got home – a beautiful bouquet of flowers! They were very kindly sent to me by the ever-amazing Dan Barker.


Day 296

Friends. Aren’t they cute?


Day 297

Getting stuck into another brilliant Bill Bryson book, one of my Christmas presents from Lee.


Day 298

My first time flying Wilhelm since August (I’ve been flying other things since then). Delighted to find I can still remember how to fly him!


Day 299

A very lazy day of sleeping and reading.


Day 300

A compilation of some of my favourite images from 2015 for the final day of the year. I also wrote about my highlights of 2015.


Day 301

A bitter Easterly wind to start the year. We spent the day at the airfield shovelling gravel to make a path, which was some much-needed exercise after consuming so many calories over the last few days!


Day 302

Reminiscing about our honeymoon by writing this post about our time in Santa Barbara, LA and Laguna Beach.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 13.30.22

Day 303

Afternoon tea at Billesley Manor Hotel with my friend Marie. This was the place Lee and I stayed at the night before our wedding, and our helicopter picked us up from this lawn – happy memories!


Day 304

Driving along the north coast of France to Boulogne.


Day 305

A rainy wander around Boulogne’s Old Town.


Day 306

Breaking the long journey home from Canterbury with a brief stop in Windsor. I’ll put some more pics into another post soon.


Day 307

I used the last day of my Christmas break to do some baking, trying out the brilliant food mixer Lee got me for Christmas. I made Red Velvet Cake, and I’ll put the recipe up soon.




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