365 Days of Happy – Month 11

It’s hard to believe that I’ve now completed 11 whole months of my Instagram challenge, because it means that my twenties are rapidly drawing to a close. It’s less than a month til I hit the big Three-Zero, but I’m trying not to panic too much about the fact that I’ve not yet got round to completing everything on my 30 Before 30 list. It’s been yet another busy month with work, which hasn’t left a great deal of time for anything other than stressing about our imminent house move, which is still slightly up in the air (much to our frustration). Anyway, here are my photos from Month 11.

Day 308

The first day back at work after over two weeks off, and thankfully it was a productive one.


Day 309

A lovely dinner with friends; I got these to take for dessert!


Day 310

A freezing day – I was glad of this!


Day 311

It was great to get my feet off the ground for a short flight.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 12.56.08

Day 312

I’m growing my collection of Observer books, and was delighted to find this bookplate in the front of one of my newest additions to the collection. An interesting postscript to this story is that I looked up the name on Facebook and found the man whose book it was! He said that he won another book the following year, which he still had, but that his mum must have given this one to a charity shop when he left home in 1971. I wonder how many times it’s changed hands since then?


Day 313

I’m really loving these gorgeous, soft, snuggly slippers that Lee gave me for Christmas from Joules. They make getting out of bed in the mornings a pleasure!


Day 314

Sunshine in Stratford, but bitterly cold and windy.


Day 315

Mobbed by puppies!


Day 316

A gorgeous blue sky day in Stratford, but very cold again. This is what winter should be like!


And a part two… I’m in love with my gorgeous new boots!

Screen shot 2016-02-10 at 12.01.44

Day 317

A little bit of Sunday baking: plum cake.


Day 318

Another gorgeous airfield sunset.


Day 319

The most beautiful frosty morning.


Day 320

Dinner at the Rooftop Restaurant at the Royal Shakespeare Company to celebrate Lee’s birthday.


Day 321

ANOTHER glorious airfield sunset!


Day 322

Very happy to be back in Rome!


Day 323

A lovely day showing Lee and our friends around Rome.


Day 324

Exploring the Caelian Hill in Rome.


Day 325

I had to get up really early to get some urgent client work done, but it meant I got to see a beautiful sunrise.


Day 326

Reliving the weekend in Rome by writing about it on here.


Day 327

We really needed to switch off from the stresses of the outside world for a bit, so we went to see Star Wars at the cinema with our free Club Lloyds tickets. It was surprisingly good!


Day 328

A gorgeous blue sky day.


Day 329

Cuddling some gorgeous puppies at Guide Dogs – these are a mix of German Shepherd and Golden Retriever.


Day 330

A lovely evening with lovely friends and homemade pizza!


Day 331

We had a lazy day off for a change, enjoying a cheap and cheerful Sunday roast at a local pub, right next to this amazing aqueduct.


Day 332

We had an enjoyable afternoon at Croome Court, despite getting very windswept. Blog post coming soon!


Day 333

A lovely rainbow at the airfield – that pot of gold looks quite close!


Day 334

On the climb-out from Sywell after lunch there with Lee and Jonny.


Day 335

I cycled right the way round the airfield – my first time on a bike since San Francisco! Turns out that I’m rather out of shape.


Day 336

Brooding skies at the airfield, so we headed home early for a change.


Day 337

I cheated slightly with this one, as I was working all day and the weather was horrid outside, so I did a throwback to sitting in the sun in the Circus Maximus two weeks previously.


Day 338

Sunshine and showers meant a beautiful rainbow at the airfield, though I only caught its tail end!


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