Imagining my dream kitchen

I regularly find myself fantasising about the house we will one day live in. It gives me something to focus on when I’m working so hard, because it’s what I’m working towards. Not that I don’t love the house we live in at the moment, but it’s not the ‘forever house’, if you know what I mean.

My dream house is a cute little country cottage, featuring a little brown or black Cocker Spaniel, a log burner, a beautiful garden with a big tree and chickens… you get the idea. The kitchen forms a central role in my property dreams, as it’s the place I can see myself spending the most time. I long for a cosy kitchen. It would ideally have a little nook with a Rayburn or Aga. It would have an island in the middle, maybe with a hob on. It would have a Welsh dresser, where I’d have a basket full of eggs from our chickens, and my old-fashioned red kitchen scales would take pride of place on it. You can see my red scales on this photo of our current kitchen shelves (which are rather busier now than they were when this pic was taken last year!):


Anyway, I’ve been collecting inspiration for our future dream kitchen, and I thought I’d share a few snaps from my scrapbook with you. The first is this one from Country Living Magazine. I like the shelves in the background, but the main point of cutting it out was the lovely old table. I love the shelf underneath it with the jam, too!


The next two are not very good quality, as they are literally iPhone pics of my scrapbook. They are both kitchen adverts from Country Living, and I think I prefer the second one. I love the built-in wine holders in both of them, and the seating area on the island in the second one.



The main thing I’d change about the one above is that I’d have an Aga or Rayburn instead of the oven in that pic. Rayburn were kind enough to send me a couple of photos to use in this post, so here are some better-quality images this time (they haven’t paid me to include these btw!)! There’s something very homely about them. I can just see our future Spaniel curled up next to it in the winter!

Rayburn Roomsets

Rayburn Roomsets

The lighting in the pic above is especially nice, and the stack of wood in the corner adds a cosy rustic touch.

Finally, no dream kitchen would be complete without a proper pantry. I’d ideally love an old-fashioned one, the sort that’s been with the house since it was built, but if not, I spotted this walk-in larder in Wickes and thought it was fab:


I tell myself that if I keep working hard, a kitchen like this will one day be possible! What would your dream kitchen be like?

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