Hunkering down for winter

Autumn always seems such a fleeting season; all it takes is one storm to blow the rest of the leaves off the trees and all of a sudden it’s winter. Of course, it doesn’t help that the clocks have changed and it’s getting dark at 4.30pm. This time of year is all about making indoors as cosy as possible, and given the name of the blog it seems remiss of me not to have written a post on this topic thus far. There are some good Christmas wish list ideas on this list, too!

1. Fairy lights

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas! I reserve the colourful ones for Christmas and the rest of the year have clear ones to bring some sparkle to any dull day. These ones are tiny little lights on a copper wire that can be shaped around objects on your mantelpiece or wherever you choose to put them.

2. Candles

What is a dark winter’s night without a candle or six? In fact, I burn one at my desk even during the day during the winter months and they’re great if, like me, you are missing the log burner you once had. At the moment I’m really into a candle company my mum discovered called True Grace, as the scents are so vivid. Little tealight holders are also lovely for casting nice patterns across the room and creating a warm glow (the White Company are good for these). For extra flickering reflections, do what I’ve done on my coffee table and put some candles on a mirrored tray.

3. Throws and rugs

Throws add some cosy textures to a room, as well as being nice to retreat beneath when you’re watching TV. I also have a couple of different ones on the bed for warmth as well as a nice decorative touch. For added cosiness, sheepskin rugs are a must. My bedroom is full of them and they’re so nice to sink your toes into. I even have one under my desk for when I’m working.

4. Pyjamas

A snug pair of pyjamas is an absolute must and it is perfectly acceptable to wear them during the day if you’re spending the day indoors. My gorgeous pheasant/pink checkered ones were kindly sent as a gift from the lovely folks at Rydale and I absolutely love them (they’re called the Peggy Pyjama Set – coincidentally, also the name of the Mad Men character people identify with me because I’m a copywriter! – and you can find them here).

5. Hot water bottle

Every night, without fail, my going to bed routine begins with boiling the kettle (a whistling one, of course) to fill a hot water bottle. This then goes into the bed to warm it up while I’m brushing my teeth, so the bed is nice and toasty when I get into it.

6. A stack of books and journals

Obviously an essential at any time of year, but a must for those long winter evenings. This is my current stack: a line a day five-year journal; a novel; a non-fiction book; my main journal.

7. Hot drinks

My tea/hot chocolate/Ovaltine consumption definitely goes up in the winter, and so I have to have nice mugs to drink it from. I’m a fan of Emma Bridgewater and my winter mug of choice is this adorable one from a couple of years ago, which depicts various wild animals going carol-singing. It really conjures up the magic of Christmas without being overtly Christmassy, so I can get away with using it all winter and not just December! The little mice on the inside are my favourite bit.

8. Slow cooker

Winter is the season when the slow cooker really comes into its own. For minimal effort, you can have all sorts of delicious cooking smells gradually filling your home and a hearty dish to enjoy in the evening. My favourites are pulled pork and rice pudding.

Now all we need is some snow and the winter cosiness will be complete. :)

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