365 Days of Happy – Month 6

I’ve now crossed the halfway point in my 365 Days of Happy photo challenge over on Instagram. Here’s how I got on in month 6!

Day 155

I flew Wilhelm solo for the first time in months.


Day 156

We had a lovely day on the Kennett and Avon Canal with our families to celebrate the wedding anniversaries of both of our parents.


Day 157

A productive day’s work, rewarded with a glass of this delicious Bordeaux at the end.


Day 158

We were delighted to spot these three hot air balloons on a beautiful evening at the airfield.


Day 159

I went to Burford for a meeting with some lovely new clients. Lee came too and we had a nice wander around the village after my meeting.


Day 160

I went to the theatre with my mum and grandparents to see The Merchant of Venice. I didn’t think much to the production or the set, but it was nice to get some culture.


Day 161

Puppy cuddling! Plenty of gorgeous Retriever pups today – my favourite. They’re so soft and cuddly!


Day 162

I love seeing Lee fly over when he’s teaching or doing trial lessons. Here he is flying over in Gwenn the Dimona.


Day 163

We enjoyed a nice early evening flight in Wilhelm over to Broadway Tower.


Day 164

A lovely sunny day for a change.


Day 165 part 1

The swallows who’ve taken up residence in our hangar have hatched their second brood of the year! They’re so sweet!


Day 165 part 2

I completed my first proper session of differences training in the Dimona, successfully completing take-off, prop change and landing. It was the perfect antidote to the corporate jargon I’d been up to my eyeballs in all day.


Day 166

Rhubarb and custard cake and a cappuccino with some friends from Guide Dogs.


Day 167

My first time using my new enamel mug.


Day 168

I somehow found time to fit some baking into a busy day of puppy cuddling, working and dance lesson.


Day 169

We went to Oxford and had a lovely evening celebrating my sister Helen’s birthday with the family. Seen here, Nel posing with one of my presents, the rooster kitchen timer that I knew I just had to get her!


Day 170

I forgot to take a photo until the evening, so I snapped these beautiful tomatoes I was preparing.


Day 171

A freezing, rainy day spent working at the airfield, huddled up by the gas fire.


Day 172

Collecting eggs from the farm on our day off.


Day 173

In the morning we went to Warwick to visit a friend who’s just out of hospital, and collected coffee and pastries on the way. I love Warwick – so many beautiful old buildings.


Day 174

The waterlilies on the garden pond looked particularly beautiful covered in raindrops immediately after a heavy rain shower.


Day 175



Day 176

We went to the Winterwell Festival at Yarnton Manor with my sister and her boyfriend.


Day 177

A lovely end to the working day with a flight over Warwick.


Day 178

A very rainy, miserable day weather-wise, but I did manage to get some work done.


Day 179

We flew to Sywell for a meeting with our wedding photographer.


Day 180

Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, taken on my drive down to meet up with my mum.


Day 181

Brooding skies over the airfield.


Day 182

I fell in love with this absolutely gorgeous Golden Retriever pup called Poppy.


Day 183

A productive but marginally boring day, made more exciting by a surprise chocolate delivery from my soon-to-be husband.


Day 184

I passed my advanced driving test!!


Day 185

We’re so British – as soon as the sun came out again we fired up the barbecue!


1 Comment on 365 Days of Happy – Month 6

  1. MonaM
    September 9, 2015 at 2:58 am (6 years ago)

    Your photos of the shops and towns nearby make me yearn for Europe! I’ve only been away for a few weeks and I already can’t wait to get back… I’ve got the photos up on FB now if you want to check out where we went. I’ve said for a long time now that I was born on the wrong side of the ocean! Looks like you’ve been having quite the productive year! You must be well on your way to completing your 30 by 30 list.