365 Days of Happy – Month 2

Here’s how I got on in the second month of my 365 Days of Happiness Instagram challenge – number 29 on my list of things to do before I’m 30.

Day 32

This is how my day started. Note that my hot cross bun is a non-raisin variety, courtesy of M&S.


Day 33

Another beautifully sunny, warm day, so I had my first flight from our new airfield in Wilhelm. It’s going to take some getting used to!


Day 34

I had a client meeting in Stratford, and it was so lovely and warm that I walked. On the way I saw this beautiful pink blossom, which reminded me of the time I spent in Japan a long time ago.


Day 35

Lee and I had a relaxing day off together prior to his trip to Austria to fly our new aircraft back with Nigel. We had a scrummy breakfast at the new Muffin Break in Stratford.


Day 36

After being awake all night and driving Lee and Nigel to Stansted Airport at 3am, I then drove a further 2.5 hours to Bath, where I treated myself to a relaxing morning at the gorgeous Thermae Bath Spa. I will write about this wonderful spa on my blog in the future when I can get some photographs of the inside. Bath was virtually deserted when I arrived not long after 8am, so I was able to photograph the beautiful Georgian street leading to the spa without a soul in sight.


Day 37

My parents and I enjoyed a sunny walk to Heaven’s Gate, on the Longleat Estate.


Day 38

I was very happy and relieved to be reunited with Lee, who returned home safely from Austria with the new plane. The last stretch of the journey took them from northern France, so he arrived bearing a box of delicious fresh macarons for me.


Day 39

After a hard but productive day’s work, I was really looking forward to my first flight in the new aircraft. It was a gorgeous sunny late afternoon, albeit a bit breezy, and we were going to fly over my grandparents’ house in the Dimona to show it off to them! But unfortunately it was not to be – we got a tailwheel puncture when taxiing for take-off. Still a nice evening to be at the airfield, but a bit disappointing!


Day 40

I spent the entire day working in my “garden office” (shed). But it was a lovely sunny day and I took regular (albeit teeny tiny) breaks for fresh air.


Day 41

After another solid day’s work, we treated ourselves to a meal out at Pizza Express. Not only did we have a voucher for a pizza and glass of wine for £10, but they also let us use another voucher for free doughballs – our favourite!


Day 42

I had a riding lesson first thing, and this time I rode a different horse. The one I normally ride is called Yogi (you can see a pic of him here), but he suffers from hayfever, which has got to be a bit of a pain if you’re a horse. Anyway his hayfever makes him throw his head up and sneeze and itch all the time, which makes me nervous, so I’ve switched to the handsome Milo instead. Here’s a photo of me after my half-hour ride on him!

Day 43

I finally got my first flight in the new aircraft. I sat in the co-pilot’s seat but flew most of the flight, including over to Worcester to circle round over my grandparents’ house and waggle the wings! It’s a lovely aircraft to fly, nice and smooth on the controls.


Day 44

I spent the morning doing copywriting work at the airfield while Lee flew trial lessons. One of the trial lessons was my friend Julie’s husband, so I got to have a nice natter with her while he was on his flight.

Day 45

I worked at the airfield all day, which was a pleasant antidote to the fact that I’m really not enjoying the project I’m working on at the moment. My day started with an al fresco breakfast of croissant and free Waitrose cappuccino.


Day 46

He’s back! Our dear little mouse has been particularly industrious over the last few days, and this morning he actually let me get right up close to him. My iPhone must have been inches away from him and he didn’t seem bothered!

Day 47

We went for a flight in the Dimona, and had fun flying over my friend Alissa’s house and taking some photos for her. On the way back to the airfield we flew over Stratford, and I got this nice shot showing the church in which Shakespeare is buried.


Day 48

After a productive day’s work at the airfield, and chatting with some really interesting people (male ballet dancers!) who were there to fly with Lee, I caught a few moments to read out in the sun.


Day 49

A delightful afternoon at the farm shop cafe with Alissa. Delicious cake and lovely company :)


Day 50

Post from my mum, in the form of this interesting-looking book about drawing ‘zentangles’. I’m looking forward to getting started on it!


Day 51

Back to driving school with my first advanced driving lesson. I’m keeping a diary on this, which I will publish when I complete the course.


Day 52

We had a day off – my first for over two weeks – and flew in the Dimona to Gloucestershire Airport for lunch. I flew most of the way there and I’m really enjoying how smooth the new aircraft is to fly!

Day 53

A few weeks ago we found a robin’s nest in our aircraft hangar. Last week we discovered that they had hatched, and within a week they had grown from tiny, naked, blind little things to these gorgeous little faces staring out of the nest at us!

Day 54

We went to Birmingham on the trail of JRR Tolkien, starting at Sarehole Mill, part of the inspiration for the Shire.

Day 55

Two pretty new dresses arrived for me in the post, just in time for summer to get underway.

Day 56

My day started with a riding lesson. Actually my riding ‘lessons’ have become more like me riding round doing what I want and nattering to my instructor for half an hour, which is really nice! I rode Milo again and it went well – I’m slowly building up my confidence and strength again, though I’m still not feeling ready for a canter.

Day 57

To Worcester, for a meal with my grandparents and mum for Nanny’s birthday. I wore my new Joe Brown’s dress!

Day 58

We did a formation flight with both our aircraft, with Lee and me in the Dimona and Nigel and Marie in Wilhelm. We were going to fly to Croft Farm, but there was too much of a crosswind there so we went to Gloucestershire Airport for Sunday roast instead.

Day 59

Airborne again for a short flight with Lee in the Dimona to test out the GoPro mount on the wing. I got this shot of Hidcote Gardens, which we visited on Easter Sunday.

Day 60

We had a ‘catch up’ sort of day off, running errands and spring cleaning. One of our errands was to collect eggs from the farm, where, as you can see, the chickens are very free range!

Day 61

Grinding cumin seeds for chilli con carne. So therapeutic and my marble pestle and mortar is my favourite kitchen item!

Day 62

We cast our vote… I wonder what state the country will be in when we awake tomorrow?

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2 Comments on 365 Days of Happy – Month 2

  1. MonaM
    May 21, 2015 at 5:14 am (4 years ago)

    Hello again! I’ve just gotten caught up on your blog once more :) I’m playing catch up after about a 2 month absence. It all started when I got busy working lots of hours to prepare for an absence from work (having won a sort of performance award for which the “prize” was an all expense paid trip to Arizona)!! Then came the trip of course. Which was just otherworldly! What a unique and wonderful place! I’ve even thought about opening a very minimal blog and at very least just sharing some travel photos. That way those folks that I interact with can at least know a bit more about me than what I type in comments. I imagine that might feel a bit one sided in terms of sharing. Just not sure where I would find the time… Then my sister was in for a visit, and following that we spruced up our balcony and built a new (Ikea) desk for me. I’ve been home for just about a month now, but it’s been hard to set aside some time to dig in and make a dent in my blog reading!
    Looks like you have been up to all sorts of adventuring in the meantime! You seem to know/stumble upon all sorts of hidden treasures in your area. If I ever get myself over to the UK you’ll have to give me some recommendations! Also congrats on upgrading your pilots license!! Very impressive! I hope your ever industrious mouse has taken up permanent residence in your garden as I sure enjoy seeing his wee nose on here :) I’ll try to pop back in before many more weeks have gone by and I one again can only comment on your most recent post.
    Hope all remains well with you!

    • Rachel McCombie
      May 21, 2015 at 6:47 am (4 years ago)

      Hey Mona, lovely to hear from you again – I was wondering where you’d disappeared to! :) Sounds as though you had a fabulous time in Arizona! I’d love to see some pics if you ever get round to setting up your own little blog (I’d be most interested in reading more about you!).

      As I type this I’ve just been watching the little mouse on the bird feeder. I’d not seen him/her for a few weeks, so I was getting a bit worried that a cat might have got in, but all is well, I’m delighted to say!

      The reason you can only comment on my most recent post is because I had to close comments for posts older than two weeks because I was getting completely inundated with spam comments – a real shame as I’d love to keep them open, but it was taking so much time to deal with them all!

      Anyway, lovely to hear from you again and thanks for taking the time to write a nice long comment – I love getting them! :)