365 Days of Happy – Month 8

My favourite season is in full swing, and it was another very busy month with catching up after being on honeymoon. I’m still quite behind with posts for this blog, with at least a couple more honeymoon posts in the pipeline. I just haven’t had the time, as I’ve been so swamped with my copywriting work! However, I still haven’t missed a day on my 365 Days of Happy Instagram challenge, and here are the results for last month.

Day 215

A recovery day after the long-haul flight of the previous day. Happy to be home and starting married life!


Day 216

My favourite season is upon us!

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.42.40

Day 217

I went back to our wedding venue to give them a big box of chocolates, and loved seeing the evening light through the trees.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.43.02

Day 218

A new addition to our fleet! It’s the Robin you saw before.


Day 219

We went to Stratford Mop Fair.


Day 220

Short hair again, thankfully!


Day 221

Autumnal scenes while running errands in Redditch.


Day 222

Up early for breakfast at Oxford Airport.


Day 223

Autumnal hedgerow.


Day 224

To the farm to collect eggs.


Day 225

A moment of tranquility catching up with my favourite YouTube vloggers before the rigours of the day began.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.48.11

Day 226

Scouting out places to live by air.


Day 227

There’s something about the sight of a hot air balloon that always fills me with cheer.


Day 228

My rose is flowering for the second time this year, looking very lovely.


Day 229

Stunning autumn colours at Westonbirt Arboretum with my dad.


Day 230

House hunting.


Day 231

Cuddles with this gorgeous Golden Retriever pup, among many others!


Day 232

We hosted a fireworks and soup evening at the airfield for our gliding club members.


Day 233

Autumn colours – in progress.


Day 234

Half red, half green – this tree is looking gorgeous halfway through its seasonal transformation.


Day 235

Enjoying what is known as a “festive bakewell”. It’s basically a cherry bakewell but without the cherry, which is great, as I never really liked the cherry anyway!


Day 236

Working from bed thanks to a wretched cold, but I booked a trip to Iceland and a friend managed to get us tickets to the Harry Potter plays, so I stayed positive!


Day 237

We met the great force of life that is Brian Blessed and he signed our book after an entertaining talk at the Stratford Literary Festival.


Day 238

We met up with friends for a lovely meal, wine and pumpkin carving. My friends and I have been doing this at Halloween for at least five years. Here are this year’s results! Mine’s the rubbish one with the collapsed nose, and Lee’s is the one on the far left (a great effort for his first time pumpkin carving!).


Day 239

I drove an Aston Martin and a Ferrari at 120mph at Silverstone racing circuit.


Day 240

A foggy start brightened into a beautiful blue sky day, and very warm for November.


Day 241

I launched my new professional freelance copywriting website!


Day 242

After a hard day’s work, some much-needed relaxation with wine, the Emma Bridgewater Christmas catalogue and some cheese cubes.


Day 243

A charming discovery of a barn full of old farm carts at the airfield. They were all around 100 years old.


Day 244

A pastoral scene in the Cotswolds.


Day 245

Wine by the fire at the Castle at Edgehill, where we went for a lovely dinner with some friends.


Day 246

Unwinding with the beautiful Simple Things magazine after a working Saturday.


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